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About Us

Meat Saver Paper™ is the original butcher's Peach Paper that has been considered a must have product by meat retailers and food processors for many years.

Made by a specialist mill in the USA, where it is known as Steak Paper, Meat Saver Paper™ is available exclusively in Europe from Chevler and our network of distributors and agents. It is ideal as an interleave for steaks and fresh burgers and is extensively used to line counter displays.

Meat Saver Paper™ is specially formulated to reduce the effect of the atmosphere around red meat after it has been cut. It helps preserve meat by retaining its colour and moisture.

Meat placed on Meat Saver Paper™ retains its blood and juices which improve both appearance and shelf life. It hides those extra juices that run out of the meat. Because it helps maintain the original weight of the meat Meat Saver Paper™ helps you increase profit and by minimising the absorption of juices Meat Saver Paper™ helps maintain the cut weight of the meat.

Unlike inferior papers, Meat Saver Paper™ is strong enough to peel straight from the meat when wet or dry without tearing or leaving paper attached.

Popular sizes are available from stock, with bespoke sizes and rolls, discs and shapes also available.

Meat Saver Paper™ helps you:

  • Save time
  • Reduce waste
  • Extend shelf life or meat and poultry
  • Retain customers

Why you should use Meat Saver Paper™

  • Covering meat and poultry with Meat Saver Paper™ ensures it stays fresher for longer meaning you do not have to trim off discoloured meat saving you both meat and money
  • The ability of Meat Saver Paper™ to preserve meat for longer than other products means that you can pre cut meat at a time that suits you ready for those busier periods
  • Selling meat to your customers in Meat Saver Paper™ ensures the meat they buy stays fresher for longer when it leaves your premises. This prolonged freshness will attract a loyal base of regular customers
  • Meat Saver Paper™ has high tear resistance helping prevent bones breaking through the wrap
  • Meat Saver Paper™ is strong enough to peel from meat when wet or dry without tearing
  • Meat Saver Paper™ is available in a range of shapes and sizes including sheets, rolls and crimped cases to suit you
  • Meat Saver Paper™ is ideal to line counter displays and place between layers of red meat
  • Meat Saver Paper™ is available in Peach, White Green and Black

Stock Products

Product Code Style Size GSM Mat Type Pack Qty
LM220 Round 120mm 65 Green MSP 25,000
LM166 Crimped Case 66x15mm 65 Green MSP 25,000
LM176 Crimped Case 76x19mm 65 Green MSP 25,000
LM110 Sheet 500x750mm 65 Peach MSP 500
LM112 Sheet 500x750mm 65 White MSP 500
LM610 Sheet 250x300mm 65 Peach MSP 2,000
LM611 Sheet 250x300mm 65 Green MSP 2,000
LM612 Sheet 250x300mm 65 White MSP 2,000
LM613 Sheet 250x300mm 65 Black MSP 2,000
LM450 Sheet 250x300mm 45 Peach MSP 2000
LM451 Sheet 500x750mm 45 Peach MSP 500

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Meat Save Paper
Genuine Meat Saver Paper
Now Available

Meat Saver Paper™ 45

Specially designed for short-term, everyday use by high volume users in the meat industry

Retains meat colour and moisture for up to

Retains meat colour and moisture for up to 36hrs
Flat Sheets, Rolls and Crimped Cases
MSP45 Brochure
  • Saves time & Money
  • Reduces waste
  • Extends shelf life
  • Good tear resistance
  • Can be cut to any size or shape